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Hi! My name is Guillermo García. I´m a compositor with more than 8 years of experience in feature films and TV. During these years I have worked as Nuke compositor, Lead compositor and VFX Supervisor on set.

I have hard compositing skills integrating 2d or 3d elements in live-action footage or full CG shots. Strong eye for detail, colour and lighting. Team player with outstanding communication and interpersonal skills. High degree of adaptability and ability to solve problems working both under pressure and tight deadlines, making it possible to work either autonomously or as part of a team.

My educational background includes Bachelor´s degree in Fine Arts (specially in photography and video, 2007) and in 2008 I got my official degree from The Foundry Nuke in CICE.

I consider myself proactive, responsible and hardworking, fast learner person. I seek to continue developing my skills as compositor both individually and within a team of great artists.

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